About Us

  • A stimulating learning environment

    A stimulating environment is one of the most important features of a school. We have created a space where children are motivated to learn, by what they see and do every day.

  • Dedicated classrooms with balanced student-teacher ration

    Overcrowding affects how children learn and it also affects how much attention a teacher is able to give. At Tender Sprouts, our classes have a maximum of 15 students per class and this has helped our teachers and their assistants give enough attention to everyone.

  • Multi-Curriculum education with Nigerian, British and Islamic curriculums

    We offer three curriculums to give your child the best of three worlds. As Nigerians, our Nigerian curriculum is from the Federal Ministry of Education, and we have included the British curriculum to give students an exposure to learning styles beyond the shores of Nigeria. Our Islamic curriculum ensures that your child gets to understand Arabic and memorise the Qur’an.